Ozone (reactive oxygen technology)

Gaseous ozone thick layer with blue,  Have a special smell, When the concentration is high, it is similar to the smell of chlorine;  Liquid ozone dark blue, Solid ozone purple black. 

The inactivation of ozone by bacteria is always very rapid. The effect of ozone on the virus is first of all the four polypeptide chains of the coat protein of the virus. And damage the RNA,  Especially the protein that forms it.
After the phage is oxidized by ozone, Electron microscopy showed that the epidermis was broken into many pieces.

Released a lot of ribonucleic acid from it, Interfere with its adsorption to the deposit. The thoroughness of ozone sterilization is unquestionable.  However, excessive ozone is a serious hazard to human health.

It strongly stimulates the human respiratory tract,  Causes sore throat, Chest tightness, cough, Cause bronchitis and emphysema; Can cause human neurotoxicity, dizziness, headache, decreased vision, memory loss; It can damage vitamin E in human skin.

Causes the skin to wrinkle and appear dark spots; Ozone can also destroy the body's immune function, induce lymphocyte chromosomal lesions, accelerate aging, and cause pregnant women to have deformed children;

So ozone is generally not used in furniture.  




  但超标的臭氧对人体健康的危害严重,它强烈刺激人的呼吸道,造成咽喉肿痛、胸闷咳嗽、引发支气管炎 和肺气肿;会造成人的神经中毒,头晕头痛、视力下降、记忆力衰退;会对人体皮肤中的维生素E起到破坏作用,致使人的皮肤起皱、 出现黑斑;臭氧还会破坏人体的免疫机能,诱发淋巴细胞染色体病变,加速衰老, 致使孕妇生畸形儿;


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