Ziglite Health Care Products

    ​Established in 2018, we are committed to the development of excellent health care products, dedicated to the needs of different customers, and strive to provide customers with superior quality and stable performance health care products. ​ ​

We work with our partners to promote their healthcare products to local and overseas markets.

Products with

​-Anti-virus fresh air & temperature tester

-Health tester & diet improvement

-Rehabilitation products & traction device

-Sports protective gear & fitness smart massager

-Satellite positioning products & care of smart homes for the elderly

-Mobility aids & nursing products


The business direction is local and overseas online shopping and OEM or OEM manufacturing and production of health care products.





- 抗病毒空氣清新 & 温度測試儀

- 健康測試儀 & 飲食改善

- 康復產品 & 牽引裝置

- 運動護具 & 健身 智能按摩器

- 衛星定位產品  & 長者智能居所顧理 

- 助行輔助 & 護理用品


     業務方向以本地及海外網購 及代工或貼牌製造及生產康護產品 .