Formaldehyde scavenger

High-end bioengineering technology,  According to the principle of some plants absorbing formaldehyde, Extracting essence from dozens of natural plants, Adding active ingredients by special process; This product is an aqueous liquid.
Colorless, tasteless, odorless, No volatility (except moisture), Actively captures free formaldehyde and forms stable solids, Once used, The effect is fast and lasting.

However, formaldehyde scavengers can only temporarily block the source of pollution. Prevent formaldehyde volatilization in a short time, It is impossible to completely eliminate formaldehyde pollution.

Because formaldehyde pollution is persistent, it usually lasts 10 to 15 years. If the product is said to be eradicated or completely eradicated, Unless the formaldehyde itself has evaporated,Otherwise it is basically impossible.
Some spray-type formaldehyde scavengers are very convenient to use.


Although temporarily eliminating the odor in the air, But it only forms a protective film on the outer layer of the pollution source. The source of formaldehyde volatilization has not been resolved. After this protective film fails,
Formaldehyde will still be released in large quantities to pollute indoor air; Some formaldehyde scavengers are said to react chemically with formaldehyde.

However, if the formaldehyde scavenger does not completely react with formaldehyde,
It is also possible to generate secondary pollution caused by other toxic substances.    


源自歐洲的高端生物工程技術,根據某些植物吸收甲醛的原理, 從數十種天然植物中提取精華,添加活性成分經特殊工藝精製而成;本品為水性液體,無色無味無嗅,無揮發性(水分除外),能主動捕捉游離甲醛並形成穩定的固態物質,一經使用,效果迅速且持久。