Electrostatic dust removal technology

Electrostatic precipitator technology is another new technology used in air purifiers. This technology was mainly used in the last dust removal process of power stations and is now being used in air purifiers. The electrostatic precipitator can absorb dust as small as 0.1 micron (one thousandth of a millimeter), and static electricity will release ozone (O3 is three oxygen molecules). All the bacteria adsorbed by the dust collector are instantly killed by 6000V static electricity. Its sterilization mechanism is to destroy the four polypeptide chains of the bacterial capsid protein and damage the RNA.


  靜電除塵技術是空氣淨化器使用的又一新技術,該技術以往主要用於發電站的最後一道除塵工序,現在被移植到空氣淨化器中使用。靜電除塵器能吸附小至0.1微米(萬分之一毫米)的微塵,靜電會釋放臭氧(O3即三個氧分子),除塵器吸附的所有細菌瞬間被6000V靜電殺滅。其滅菌機理是破壞細菌衣殼蛋白的4條多肽鏈, 並使RNA受損。