Activated carbon

Activated carbon is a very fine carbon particle.     has a strong adsorption capacity and micropores,
Due to the large surface area of the carbon particles, Therefore, it can be in full contact with gases (impurities). When these gases (impurities) are adsorbed by the micropores, Purify.

However, activated carbon can only temporarily adsorb certain pollutants. When the temperature and wind speed rise to a certain level,  The adsorbed pollutants may be released.

Re-entering the breathing space causes secondary pollution. So always change the filter material,  Avoid adsorption saturation


  活性炭是一種很細小的炭粒 有很大的表面積,具有豐富的微孔,具有很強的吸附能力,由於炭粒的表面積很大,所以能與氣體(雜質)充分接觸。當這些氣體(雜質)被微孔吸附,起淨化作用。